Come celebrate the Days of Awe
with Congregation Ohel Moed

Services will be lead by Garry Koenigsberg and Nathaniel Markman*
with Carmencita Lozano, Miriam Schwartz, Robin Mendelson, Sarah Rosenkrantz, and Ben Schleifer

Rosh Hashanah  September 20 - 21    Yom Kippur  September 29 - 30

Welcome to our community's fourth year of joyous Jewish Renewal services for the High Holidays.
Our services are always free. But please remember your obligation to give tzedaka before or during the holidays, to a cause that feeds the hungry, heals the sick, houses the homeless, or to another cause that speaks to you. That's mandatory.
Please invite all your friends to join us! It’s best that the news spreads through word-of-mouth, so please forward this invitation through email and private messages, not public postings.
The location is wheelchair accessible. Please keep it safe for everyone by not using perfume or scented products.
We’ll break the fast together with a free vegetarian meal. There will be gluten-free options; if you have other allergies or preferences, please bring something that suits your needs.
If you can, please let us know you're coming by emailing us at . But please come whether you've emailed or not.  You can also email with any questions. 
Can you help us out?  In the past, our services were generously underwritten, but this year, we're on our own. We're very grateful for any help you can give us with our expenses. This is separate from the obligation of  tzedaka and entirely voluntary. Everyone who comes is welcome. But if you'd like to chip in, Ohel Moed can provide a receipt for tax purposes.   You can  make your donation at services, or by clicking this button  
or by mail to: Ohel Moed Treasurer, 38 Nordhoff Street, San Francisco 94131.

Services will be at 2808 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, California, 94610
in the Social Hall of Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Rosh Hashanah
7:30 pm   September 20    Maariv
10:30 am  September 21   Shacharit and Musaf

Yom Kippur
6:30 pm        September 29    Kol Nidre
10:30 am       September 30   Shacharit and Musaf
6:00  pm       September 30    Yizkor and N’eila
Services end at 7:30 pm, followed by a free break-fast

*Garry teaches liturgy, Talmud, and general Jewish studies. He has edited over a dozen prayer books used by Bay Area congregations, and has lead High Holiday services since 1982 at synagogues including Sha'ar Zahav, Chochmat HaLev, Nistar, and Ohel Moed.
Nathaniel is a string instrumentalist who cherishes the beautiful music of people singing together. He is the music director for Wilderness Torah and local wedding band Shamati, and can be found song leading at services throughout the Bay. (Also, he has a great solo album)